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mmWave Transceiver System


The mmWave Transceiver System is a modular reconfigurable research and prototyping platform for two-way communications and channel sounding. Combined with LabVIEW software, this hardware can be reconfigured to service the continually growing demands of cutting-edge wireless research.

Why Choose the mmWave Transceiver System?

Real-Time MIMO Processing With 2 GHz of Bandwidth

Wireless researchers can build a live two-way communications link with up to 2 GHz of real-time bandwidth using this modular prototyping system that enables real-world evaluation of next-generation concepts that scale from the lab to outdoor trials.

High-Performance Modular Hardware and Software

The PXI-based system scales from single input, single output (SISO) to multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) configurations with an open software reference design that helps algorithm developers evaluate a variety of millimeter wave (mmWave) topics. The fully integrated design flow based on LabVIEW shortens time to results.

Reconfigurable Multi-FPGA Architecture

A multi-FPGA hardware architecture and a software reference design developed in LabVIEW makes real-time streaming and processing possible for a 2 GHz communications link. Together they can be used out of the box or reconfigured as research needs progress.

Product Configurations

Unidirectional Configurations

The unidirectional system configurations are built in two PXI chassis with the transmitter(s) in one and the receiver(s) in the other. This means the two can be physically separated from each other, making them ideal for applications like channel sounding. SISO and MIMO versions are available.

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Bidirectional Configurations

The bidirectional system configurations are built in two PXI chassis with a transmitter(s) and receiver(s) in each. With full transmit and receive capabilities in each chassis, a two-way communication link can be built. Whether there is a need to prototype base station to UE or UE to UE, the bidirectional configuration can be used. SISO and MIMO versions are available.

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Additional Resource

Interested in learning more about the hardware in the mmWave Transceiver System?

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